Images from an airplane show how parts go from engine to …

Not only Meerssen near Maastricht was startled on Saturday by aircraft parts flying around, also in the US state of Colorado debris fell from the sky. As if by miracle there were no deaths.

Source: Telegraph, Reuters

Yesterday at 3:00 PM

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On Saturday, police in the town of Broomfield received reports from various parts of the town of people who had found pieces of an airplane. The large round debris that plunged into someone’s garden seems to have come from the airplane engine. According to local police, the plane had engine problems. Other parts ended up on a sports field.

According to the emergency services of the town in the state of Colorado, no reports of injuries have yet been received. And when you see the size of the parts, it’s a little miracle. The police also agree and are surprised that no one was injured and no deaths occurred.


The plane, a Boeing 777-200 with 231 passengers and ten crew members on board, has landed safely at Denver International Airport, according to the police. According to CNN, this is a United Airlines plane that was bound for Honolulu from Denver. According to the American news channel, the aircraft had to return to Denver International Airport due to engine problems.

Two passengers stated that they could feel the heat from the engine in the plane after the detonation. “The flight started without problems and suddenly there was a big bang, you could feel it,” said Brenda Dohn. “I suddenly saw smoke coming from the wing and knew that something was wrong.” Dohn saw debris flying and said he didn’t want to know how bad it was. “I just hoped we could still land safely.”

A witness who saw the plane stated that it flew over with a burning engine. Another witness spoke of an explosion in the sky. According to the FAA, the right engine of the plane failed shortly after take-off from Denver. The incident is under investigation.


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