Importance of Saudi coffee; Concluding the global publicity campaign Importance of Saudi coffee; End of global campaign

Dammam: A one-week global campaign organized by the Saudi Ministry of Culture has concluded with the aim of spreading the taste of Saudi coffee to different parts of the world. The campaign was launched last week as part of ‘Saudi Coffee 2022’ in connection with the International Coffee Day. The aim of the campaign was to present Saudi coffee to the world as a symbol of the relationship, generosity and hospitality that it represents beyond just a drink, the cultural value and national identity of Saudi coffee.

As part of this, campaign programs were held at tourist centers in New York, London, Rome and Paris. Advertisements for Saudi coffee were placed on hoardings and large screens in city squares and main roads. Saudi Arabia is one of the world’s largest coffee consumers. As part of ‘Vision 2030’, the aim of the reform and promotion programs is to achieve self-sufficiency in coffee production.

A delegation from Starbucks, the world’s largest coffee chain, recently visited Saudi Arabia. They visited the Jizan region in the southwest, where more coffee is grown. Coffee production is the backbone of the local economy in the region. Jizan is home to ‘Khavlani coffee’ cultivation. A global partnership with a company like Starbucks will greatly help its production and marketing.

The delegation discussed the possibilities of using high quality Saudi coffee beans in Star Bucks Reserve coffee shops around the world, raising hopes. Coffee is not just a drink or a habit. It is something that has a definite impact on everyone’s life.

Coffee has a great role in Arab life. It is often a release from a stressful life and the formation of important decisions with coffee. Its purpose is to highlight and symbolize the taste of Arab coffee in front of the world, which combines taste, smell and dignity.

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