Important secrets you have to discover to get a very attractive eyeshadow

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Learn these tips to make the eyeshadow look attractive and beautiful, with choices suitable for your skin and color.

First: How to apply eye makeup:
1- Start with suitable makeup brushes:

It is preferable to use synthetic brushes rather than natural ones, as they are simpler, easier to clean, and hypoallergenic, and use the brushes specific to each type.

2- Apply the basic eye shadow on the eyelid:

Apply the appropriate shade to your eyes above the eyelids, using an eyeshadow brush.

Extend it up to the bone of your eyebrows, or leave it on the moving eyelid only for a soft look.

3- Concentrate the dark shade in the crease of the eye:

Dark colors attract light, so applying a darker shade of eye shadow, in the crease of the eyelid, makes your eyes stand out more clearly, by adding depth and dimension in the right place.

4- Line your eyelashes with a very dark color:

Using eyeliner correctly can make your eyelashes appear thicker and eyes wider, and if you don’t prefer using eyeliner, you can get the same look with ultra-black eyeshadows.

5- Highlight with Shimmer Eyeshadow:

Accentuate your brows by adding a light eyeshadow directly below the brow, and for extra shimmer, add the same color to the inner corner of the eye.

Finish your eye makeup with a few layers of your favorite mascara.

The method of eyeshadow under the eyes:
1- As a first step, apply concealer.

2- Set it with a colorless powder.

3- Draw the eyeshadow below along the lower lash line.

4- If you have oily skin, use a primer instead of a concealer to ensure the firmness of the eyeshadow.

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