Improving Cardiovascular Health: Expert Tips and Nutrient-rich Foods to Prevent High Blood Pressure

2023-09-24 07:51:14

Urban people live a stressful life and should pay more attention to cardiovascular health. Taiwanese nutritionist Wang Zhengwei (A Can) recommends that everyone can take in nutrients that can help maintain blood vessel health in their daily diet to help prevent high blood pressure.

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Taiwanese nutritionist Wang Zhengwei (A Can) is hereFacebook pageThe article states that modern people lead busy lives and are prone to unbalanced nutritional intake, especially poor blood circulation, which can easily lead to cardiovascular disease and may also affect other body functions, such as decreased sexual desire. In this regard, he shared 6 kinds of nutrient-rich foods. Consuming more of them in your daily diet can help blood flow, prevent cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure, and avoid damage to sexual function:

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High blood pressure is very common in today’s society. According to WHO data, 1/4 of men worldwide have high blood pressure, while 1/5 of women suffer from high blood pressure. Taiwanese family physician Hong Weijie once quoted on his Facebook page a 2018 article published in “Nutrition and A paper in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics points out that eating four or more servings of about 400 grams of fruit a day can reduce the risk of high blood pressure in men by 56% and in women by 67%. .

In addition, Dr. Hong quoted a paper published in the Journal of Human Hypertension in 2016, which found that eating one more serving of fruit, about 106 grams a day, can reduce the chance of developing hypertension by 1.9%. The more fruits you eat, the less likely you are to suffer from high blood pressure. The upper limit is 5 servings of approximately 530 grams of fruits per day.

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Among them, six kinds of fruits, including raisins, blueberries, avocados, apples, pears and oranges, have a significant impact on lowering blood pressure; apples have the best blood pressure lowering effect:

Eating more than 4 servings of apples or oranges per day can reduce the risk of high blood pressure by 9%. Appropriate consumption of fruits can reduce the risk of hypertension by 9%.

However, Dr. Hong reminds everyone to avoid fruits with high sugar content. For example, eating cantaloupe more than 4 times a week will increase the chance of high blood pressure by 7%. You should also drink juice in moderation, otherwise it will have the opposite effect, because if you drink too much juice (680 ml) or more every day, it will also increase the risk of high blood pressure.

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