Imran Khan accuses Chief Justice in letter – Pakistan

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Information Secretary Rauf Hassan says that a seven-point letter has been written to the Chief Justice of Pakistan with the permission of the PTI founder, in which the situation of the judiciary has been told for some time. are

In a letter addressed to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Qazi Faiz Isa, the founder of PTI emphasized on civil supremacy and the supremacy of the Constitution.

In the letter, PTI founder also wrote the statement of NAB on the issue of vehicle from Toshakhana of Nawaz Sharif.

PTI founder demanded the Chief Justice of Pakistan to implement civil supremacy and constitution.

The text of the letter read that now is the time for you to prove whether you truly believe in principles and values ​​or it was just empty rhetoric.

In the PTI founder’s letter, Bahanagar incident, Judges’ letter and Commissioner Rawalpindi issue were also written.

The letter said that PTI’s petition regarding the irregularities in the general elections has been pending for two months. is facing seriousness and will push him closer to the abyss.

The letter said that a few years ago you had to face the wrath of the state in the form of a reference in the Supreme Judicial Council, then you expressed eloquence on this matter in various forums, you said that how the late father Quaid-e-Azam was a close associate of, he and Muhammad Ali Jinnah how two historical figures espoused similar principles and values.

The letter said that on the 50th anniversary of the constitution, you held the constitution in your hand in the parliament and announced that this book guides you. has to prove whether this belief in the supremacy of the Constitution is for real or just empty rhetoric.

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