IMSS patients with transplants are at risk of organ rejection due to lack of medications

Kidney transplant patients from different hospitals in the country are desperate, because they have not been able to have four medicines immunosuppressants, also known as anti-transplant rejections.

So far this year, patients from the IMSS have not been able to receive mycophenolic acid of 500 mg, sirolimus of one gram, tacrolimus and cyclosporine, which exceed 17 thousand pesos in pharmacy private.

Faced with this situation, the patients performed a video to face your complaint and obtain a solution to your problem; among them are people from hospitals generals of zone 48 of San Pedro Xalpa, Azcapotzalco; the La Raza National Medical Center; Regional 46, Guadalajara, Jalisco; and the Clinic 76 of Xalostoc, Ecatepec.

“I am patient transplanted, I’m going for almost five years of transplantation. He treats me at Clinic 76 in Xalostoc. There has been no medicine, which is tacrolimus and mycophenolic acid “, says Raúl González.

“Medical care was excellent until this year. For him shortage of medications I have been affected by not having the complete treatment; mycophenolic acid and sirolimus have not arrived. If I don’t take them, I could lose my transplant ”Dafne expresses.

“In recent months they no longer have medications, I have been since April that they have not given us medications”, declares Isaác Aguilar

“I am treating myself at General Hospital number 46, the same one denying me the right to my immunosuppressive medications”, Balen Casillas denounces.

According to the reporter of “In the morning”, there are 100 patients from eight hospitals in the country who have not been able to receive their full treatments, which puts their transplant at risk and “jeopardizes” all their treatment.


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