In 5 days he murdered a trans woman and a housewife: alias ‘el Cole’ fell | THE UNIVERSAL

The motives or motives for two crimes that terrorized the municipality of Bagre, Antioquia, last April, remain a mystery. The only thing certain is that a man from Maganguel was captured by the Bolívar Police on Wednesday and is now in the hands of justice.

The victims

The apprehended is Jesús Alberto Tovar Palomino, 27, accused of murdering Rafael Ricardo Zapata Viloria, 21, with a bullet.

The young man was known as ‘Riqui pa riqui’ and belonged to the Lgbtiq+ community. Four days later he would have killed Ruby Andrea Tavares Areiza, 35, with three bullets.

Since April, the authorities had been after Jesus, known by the alias ‘el Cole’, but he had fled from Bagre in an unknown direction, until Wednesday, when soldiers found him in a popular neighborhood of Magangué, where he thought he would outwit the Justice.

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Tovar Palomino was left at the disposal of the Prosecutor’s Office for the crimes of aggravated homicide and manufacture, trafficking, carrying or possession of firearms, accessories, parts or ammunition.

Apparently, ‘Riqui pa riqui’ was known or close to the captured person, since he was also from Magangué, according to several media outlets, but they had no relation to Rudy Andrea. The authorities seek to clarify what happened.

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