In Algeria, a Hirak protester denounces the “horror” suffered in detention

On Tuesday February 2, Walid Nekkiche, a student who had participated in the Hirak, was sentenced to six months in prison. But it was the denunciations he made during his hearing that outraged the Algerian opinion. He claims to have been physically and sexually assaulted by the security services. “A horror”, the editorialist of Freedom.

Appalling. The revelations of the student Walid Nekkiche before the judge are chilling. They are cold in the back. “I suffered physical assault and sexual abuse, I was hit in my honor”, he declared in front of the court and all of Algeria. [Mardi 2 janvier, le jeune homme a été condamné à six mois de prison après avoir participé au Hirak, en 2019. Durant l’audience, il dit avoir été “agressé sexuellement, physiquement et verbalement par les services de sécurité lors de son interrogatoire”.]

Upon learning this truth, many Algerians could not get to sleep. A night of nightmare. We will forever remember this trial where the existence of practices from another age that were believed to be over is revealed. Torture! My God ! Just to hear this sinister word, the heart sinks.

To suffer it and what is more in the most abject manner as it was the case for the young Walid is abomination. Absolute horror. His lawyers claim that he was “Violated”. Who would’ve believed that ! In Algeria in 2019, which vibrated to the rhythm of an extraordinary resurrection, a student arrested by the security services and subjected to such barbaric practices to extract a confession from him. What madness ! By inflicting abuse on a citizen, all of Algeria is tortured and raped.

The culprits must be held to account

His torturers must answer for their crime. Authors and sponsors must be held to account for their barbaric acts. They broke a citizen, but, with this gangster behavior, these executioners, moreover, seriously soiled their uniform, soiled the honor of their institution. More seriously still, they attacked all of Algeria. It is these actions that really threaten the security and unity of the nation. Hence the need and the urgency to shed light on these extremely serious facts. An investigation is needed.

The release of the detainee after fourteen months of detention cannot close this file which piles up in the dark room of arbitrariness. This matter should not be passed over in silence. To remain silent on such a drift is to open the way to other atrocities. It will remain as a terrifying violence against the collective conscience. A deep wound that is added to others, from which Algeria continues to suffer.

Hassane Ouali

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