In Bordeaux, at the demonstration in support of Palestine, “we want peace for everyone”

2023-10-12 19:50:17

Various flags are flying.

Laurent Theillet/ “SOUTH WEST”

Sham and Jasmin, two Syrian students, came “for peace, Palestine, but above all to protect people, women, children. We too, in Syria, were in civil war, we feel the same feelings, we want justice and peace. We want peace for everyone, the Syrians, the Israelis, the Palestinians, peace! »

“Help unblock the situation”

Elected communist in Mérignac, Claude Mellier “deeply condemns the terrorist attacks of Hamas. We must end this war. I find myself in the words of Dominique de Villepin: if we really want peace, we need the recognition of both States. » The Ensemble (ecology) movement evokes “a series of attacks” and sees “the failure of Israel’s all-security policy”. Almost no one has a word for the victims.

There were many unions and elected officials.

Laurent Theillet/ “SOUTH WEST”

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