In Catalonia, the new Casablanca tramway trains come to life

2023-06-08 22:06:49

The 80 new Casablanca trams are in the final phase of construction at Alstom’s factory in Santa Perpetua de Mogoda, Catalonia. RFI was able to discover them in preview.

From our correspondent in Barcelona,

Between the Frankfurt and Barcelona carriages, the new Casablanca tramway trains are on the assembly lines of the Alstom factory in Santa Perpetua de Mogoda.

« On this Casablanca tram, all parts are standard, it is the most standard product we have at Alstom », explains Patxi Bueno, the director of industry and innovation. ” Only the cab is different, in line with customer customization requests, but the chassis is the same. From a structural point of view, it is exactly the same as found on the Barcelona and Sydney trams and those that we distribute all over the world.. »

Only difference therefore: the painting and the final design which has not yet been made public. A standardization which has several advantages for the customer according to the engineer.

« Obviously, standardizing our products has several beneficial effects », poursuit Patxi Bueno. « The first is time – the time to market – the time we take to put the product on the market. The timings are greatly reduced. And for the cost, logically when we offer the standard model, this allows us to offer a more competitive price. »

Half of the production is destined for export to Africa, Europe and Latin America

Today, 50% of the production of this factory is intended for export to Africa, Europe and Latin America. An internationalization which is no coincidence, especially for this Moroccan contract, as explained by its director, Cristina Anderiz.

« As you have seen, this assembly line is full and two teams are working full time on it. “says Cristina Anderiz. “ We are going to manufacture 66 Casablanca trams here, trams which – luckily – have been financed by the Spanish government: 60% of the financing comes from the Spanish aid funds for internationalisation. And this is one of the main reasons: as it is financed by Spain, at least 60% of the production must be done in Spain. »

To these 66 trams will be added 14 others, ordered at the beginning of the year from the Alstom factory in Barcelona, ​​which claims to have already produced around fifteen, some of which have already been delivered, while others are in transit by sea. .

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