In Off Avignon, the song in inheritance

For a moment, you think you can see him under the jet black hair, XXL glasses and arms entwined around his own shoulders. The long brunette lady… The apparition opens this original show, one of the celebrations of the Off festival. “ I do not imitate Barbara, I am crossed by her », Assures Marco Pacchioli to his colleague Laurent Brunetti. He must sing Jacques Brel but refuses the wig and the diction proposed by Marco. ” If you don’t ride the R’s, you’ll never be Jacques Brel », Launches the latter.

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On the pretext of a true false repetition, the Sir Sir – this is the name of this formidable Swiss duo – unwind the thread of an unclassifiable piece, with well-oiled humor, where questions emerge that haunt, necessarily one day or another, many artists. How to find your way in the legacy left by the sacred monsters? Should we continue to interpret the songs dear to the hearts of the public or take the risk with our own?

A tribute full of life

The interrogations are exciting and the two performers touching in this quest treated with as much lightness as intelligence. Gradually, Marco frees himself from his imitation paraphernalia and Laurent finds his tone in the face of his master’s overwhelming shadow, without denying the passion that animates them.

Ni Brel ni Barbara, despite the pirouette of its title, is indeed a tribute, vibrant, generous, to the two legendary singers. Their words and their melodies sparkle with life, Lyon station at Tell me, when will you come back ? for Barbara, from Madeleine at Do not leave me, for Brel, up to the poetic evocation of Frantz, the film which brought them together at the cinema in 1972. To the sound of a frenzied piano, held by Mario, the tandem skilfully connects dozens of eternal titles that they share with a delighted audience. By being perfectly themselves on stage.


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