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In Racing they have a date for the return of Chancalay

Tomás Chancalay’s novel with Racing took much longer than it should have. What seemed like a simple purchase execution and which suggested that he would be on par with the group from day one, turned out to be very tedious. And already with 10 days of preparation underway, the steering wheel still does not appear at the Academy. Although the positive is that he is training in Colón, so the physical issue should not be a problem. In fact, as this portal was able to find out, Racing paid for Chancalay and awaits his immediate return.

However, in the last hours the negotiation between Racing, Chancalay and Colón seems to have come to an end. At least that’s what they think at the Academy, who are already waiting for the return of the wheel. They expect him this Friday, so that he joins the Academy staff and is already under the command of Fernando Gago. “We carried out all the steps correctly,” a senior leader confirmed to RDA.

Racing paid for Chancalay and expects him in practice. Photo: Racing Press.

Another source, also from the club, admitted that the operation is already at its end point and it only remains for Chancalay to return to Racing. He said that I already know “they paid the taxes”, where 15% of the player is involved and now they want it urgently in Avellaneda. In fact, according to the same source, If he does not show up, there may be legal problems for the player and for Colón.

Gago and the priority with Chancalay for his Racing

Racing paid for Chancalay and to a large extent had to do with the desire and desire of Fernando Gago. The midfielder that should reappear this Friday at the Academy was one of the coach’s priorities. Pintita asked to retain him since he believes it is very important for him to be one of his ends of the team.

So, if he rejoins immediately and is physically full, Gago will take it into account. Even now with one more week of preparation time due to the postponement of the League Cup, You can give him minutes and consolidate him in the starting team.

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