In the absence of telemedicine, they promote herbalism in Durango

Torreon, Coahuila /

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In the municipality of The Mezquital, Durangothere are communities that the program does not reach telemedicineso I know proposes that traditional medicine can be used and that people from the towns can be included in the local medical system.

Sandra Luz Reyes Rodríguez, local legislator, He said that reforms are being promoted State Health Lawseeks to strengthen the use of traditional medicine, the use of plants and popular remedies to prevent and treat diseases, specifically in indigenous communities.

He said that in addition, members of the indigenous communities should be included in the health committeesthereby ensuring their participation.

“Durango has a cultural and traditional wealth originating in its indigenous peoples and communities, including that related to traditional medicine.”

The truth is that the local law in terms of health, It develops very little in this area, not grounding the international principles subscribed by Mexico, for which it is necessary to legislate on the matter. The towns and communities settled in various municipalities have an outstanding tradition in terms of traditional medicine and means of prevention and health care, so it is essential to know, respect and incorporate this legacy of popular knowledge in the prevention of diseases.

“Our proposal has as one of its main foundations the Convention 169 of the International Organization of the work on Independent Indigenous and Tribal Peoples, mandatory for Mexico”.

“There it is established that health services should be organized, as far as possible, at the community level, and these services should be planned and administered in cooperation with the peoples concerned and take into account their economic, geographical, social and cultural conditions, as well as its prevention methods, healing practices and traditional medicines; which implies a recognition of the value of many of the practices of traditional preventive medicine”.


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