In the European Football Championships .. Confirmation for sure

With the first matches in the five major football leagues in England, Spain, Italy, Germany and France, it was quickly possible to get a picture of the rivalry typical for most seasons in these tournaments.

  • The competition is no different this season

The scene in the five major European championships at the start of the new season has not changed from its conclusion in the previous season, not even from most of the previous seasons.

By just playing 2 matches in some tournaments after the start or 3 matches in some tournaments, the outlines of the competition form were formed, which will not differ in what will come of the competition in this season.

This is what we have seen so far in England, Spain, Italy, Germany and France.

There are always surprises in the difficult tournament

For England, after only 3 matches, this tournament confirmed the difficulty of competing in it, and that it is the strongest tournament and full of surprises.

It is enough what the third stage witnessed, last weekend, to make sure of this. Chelsea lost at Leeds United 0-3, in a major surprise that was almost repeated at Newcastle Stadium, where defending champion Manchester City found himself late in the score 1-3, after he was ahead early with the goal of German Ilkay Gundogan, but the star’s continuation Norway’s Erling Haaland in the registryAnd the continuation of the Belgian star Kevin De Bruyne His “gifts” to his teammates with amazing passesOne of which was scored by Bernardo Silva, one of which saved the Spanish coach Pep Guardiola’s team from losing.

Before Chelsea and Manchester City, Manchester United was exposed to two surprises, the first of which was its loss in the opening match at Old Trafford against Brighton with a score of 1-2, and then its sudden loss of 0-4 at the “Brentford” stadium, before winning yesterday its first match against Liverpool With a score of 2-1.

This victory, if indicative of anything, indicates the strength of the usual competition in the English Premier League, as it is possible for a large team to lose a big and surprising result, and then win a strong next match. No predictions of the results are correct in England.

Speaking of Liverpool, he was no better off in the first 3 matches; In addition to losing yesterday, he drew in the first match at Fulham Stadium with a score of 2-2, and then tied in the second match at his “Anfield” stadium against Crystal Palace with a score of 1-1, to be ranked 16th with two points.

But all this does not mean that Liverpool, Chelsea, and perhaps Manchester United, will not return to the competition, which Manchester City is fighting with 7 points, while this season, the great Arsenal has joined the title race with 3 victories with a distinguished performance, and Tottenham with 7 points. .

This will be the competition between the usual big six in a season that will not be without, as is the case in England, strong competition and surprises from other teams, even weak ones, and this was confirmed at the start of this season.

Real Madrid, Barcelona and the top teams in Italy

In Spain, there will be no change this season either, as in most seasons. Here is Real Madrid, with his experience and stars, winning his first two matches between them 4-1 win at Celta Vigo. And here is Barcelona quickly regaining its balance, after drawing in the first match at home against Rayo Vallecano without goals. And he wins the second match in the powerful Real Sociedad stadium 4-1 Also, to confirm that he has changed a lot after the arrival of Xavi Hernandez to his training, and will develop more with the harmony of his new players with the team, and this is confirmed by Polish star Robert Lewandowski with his two goals in the second match.

The competition, then, this season will be usual in Spain between Real Madrid and Barcelona. Atlético de Madrid is not at its best, then Lost in the second match at home to Villarreal 0-2. Atlético, as it is, are a strong contender and a big name, but they have few crowns.

In Italy as well, there is no change in the title race after two matches this season. Suffice it to say that the teams of Naples, Inter Milan and Roma are in the top three with 6 points each, and Juventus and Milan are in the fourth and fifth places with 4 points each. The competition will be the same in Italy.

Bayern Munich and Saint-Germain domination

It remains to say that in Germany and France the most clear confirmation of the form of competition in each season in the five major European leagues, where the full control of each of: Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain after 3 matches.

Bayern Munich is in the lead in Germany with 9 points, after winning remarkable results against Eintracht Frankfurt, 6-1, and Wolfsburg, 2-0, and Bochum with a score of 7-0Which means that he He scored 15 goals and conceded only one.

Also, Paris Saint-Germain is in the lead in France with 9 points after winning with remarkable results as well Clermont 5-0and on Montpellier 5-2AndLille 7-1That is, he scored 17 goals and conceded 3 goals.

Thus, the competition for titles for most seasons in the five major European championships remains the same. The reason is due to the history of the teams and their contracts with the players in each season, and there is also something that is always constant in every tournament in terms of competition.

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