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With the increasing interest and awareness of the concept of mental health globally, we see a special and remarkable interest in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and since the importance of mental health lies in the fact that it is one of the foundations for the complete health of the individual and society in general, there is no healthy, successful and advanced society without integration in the physical and psychological aspects, and this confirms to us The Kingdom’s Vision 2030 is in line with this goal, as the vision aims to prioritize the happiness of citizens and residents, and this can only be achieved with the quality of their physical and psychological health, and the endeavor to develop and enhance the reality of mental health in Saudi Arabia recently supports this idea, when we see the Kingdom’s efforts clear, including the establishment of the National Center for Health Promotion Psychological and its support for national programs and voluntary work and conducting research and studies aimed at promoting mental health.

Despite the importance of this and its great impact, we still face many social obstacles that become an obstacle to these efforts, the biggest of which is the stigma and the accompanying culture of shame, which may be the main reason for the reluctance of troubled people to seek psychological treatment and their interest in their mental health and the health of their families, as survival Misnomers about mental and mental diseases and disorders and their spread without correcting them, such as describing the insane and the insane without knowing the true picture of these disorders and raising awareness about them may delay or even prevent seeking help and may also lead to distrust of therapists, doctors and psychologists and the futility of treatment and recovery, so they prefer to live in a lot of suffering On asking for a little help.

Here comes the role of social awareness and concerted individual efforts by combating this stigma by raising awareness and overcoming the negative ideas common among people about disorders, diseases and psychological disorders, and this is done with a correct understanding of the concept and importance of mental health and its positive impact on the individual first and then society, so they seek support and mental health care when needed.

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