In the midst of the tense internal Buenos Aires, Mauricio Macri and Martín Lousteau met in Olivos

The round of meetings that the former president has been holding Mauricio Macri After announcing that he was resigning from being a candidate for president, he had this Thursday at his offices in Olivos the radical senator Martin Lousteau, with whom they spoke alone about the internal hot-button of Together for Change, logically crossed by the discussions to choose the successor of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta in the 2023 elections. In that fight, it is known, Macri promotes his cousin Jorge, while that Lousteau also wants to keep that place, but from the sidewalk of the UCR.

According to reports, the meeting took place last Thursday morning in the fifth of the ex-president in olives, prior to the scheduled trip to the Paraguayan capital where he met with the president of FIFA, Gianni Infantino. It was one more meeting in the series of meetings between leaders of Together for Change in the last week prior to the definition of the voting scheme for the City of Buenos Aires that will be announced on April 14.

Martín Lousteau: “In the Macri years, the City had a deficit”

Since the former president (2015-2019) declined his candidacy for the presidential elections, he rose as the authoritative voice of the opposition alliance to try to mediate -or put cold cloths- in the dispute between the PRO and the UCR to gain representation of space at the subnational level for the general elections in October.

The cross between Macri and Lousteau

Mauricio supports his cousin Jorge Macri as a PRO candidate for the Executive of the City of Buenos Aires, that and caused noise both in his own ranks and those of others. Even more so when the FIFA leader assured that does not imagine the senator of Evolución Radical as head of the Buenos Aires Governmenta stronghold of the PRO for 16 years, but will “find another place” if Juntos por el Cambio returns to power in December.

The former president, Mauricio Macri, and the former CFK Economy Minister, Martín Lousteau, in 2019.

“Beyond the respect I have for him I can’t imagine Lousteau in that position, the PRO set a course for modernity and quality in management that he has to keep marking it in the Federal Capital ”, Macri specified in an interview on Radio Miter. In the interview, he insisted that his cousin is the ideal candidate to continue the legacy of the party he founded since “he was mayor and has a very valuable experience”, much greater than what he himself had when he assumed the leadership of Buenos Aires (in 2007 ).

Internally, the former president’s lowering of the line is that for the PRO, the party he founded in 2008, there is only one candidate to compete with those anointed by radicalism and Elisa Carrió’s Civic Coalition. This annoyed his political dauphin, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, who supports the Buenos Aires Minister of Health, Fernán Quirós, and his Education counterpart, Soledad Acuña.

The chair game

Meanwhile, the private meeting between Macri and Lousteau occurred one day after Rodríguez Larreta will appear next to the radical senator and other PRO candidates at a meeting of a youth group from Together for Change.

Hermetism and networks

Little is known about what Macri and Lousteau discussed in their fleeting meeting on Thursday morning. They also did not refer to the matter on their social networks, where they usually post all the activities they carry out within the framework of the electoral campaign.

Macri Lousteau networks
Martin Lousteau’s tweet.

For his part, Lousteau continued to publish his proselytizing agenda. One day after the meeting with the leader of the PRO, he gave a series of interviews to the media in which he indicated that the City of Buenos Aires “advanced a lot in these years”, in a nod to the PRO, but that it is necessary to “continue working on structural aspects that need to be improved, especially in health and education”.

On Mauricio Macri’s side, his last publication was from the day before the meeting with the radical senator, when he published a photo of the meeting he had with the party table for the province of Buenos Aires in what was the first party activity he led after confirming who will not compete in this year’s elections. Last Wednesday he celebrated the pre-candidates of the yellow party to “work against insecurity, economic uncertainty and clientelism” in the country’s main electoral district ahead of the Primary, Open, Simultaneous and Mandatory elections (PASO) on August 13 .

Macri Lousteau networks
Mauricio Macri’s tweet.

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“What a joy to see the team that we have in the province of Buenos Aires, mayors and leaders of integrity and ready to work against insecurity, economic uncertainty and clientelism in which the people of Buenos Aires live,” Macri said.

Along with his message, Macri included a photo of the meeting with the Buenos Aires Table of the PRO, which is made up of leaders such as the aspirants to dispute the Governorship Diego Santilli, Cristian Ritondo and Néstor Grindetti; the mayor of Tres de Febrero, Diego Valenzuela; the provincial deputy Martiniano Molina; and the national deputy Silvia Lospennato; among others.


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