In the opposite direction of the monsoon, unexpected events may still occur; Rain Destruction in the Arabian Sea? Heavy Rain

Palakkad ∙ Kerala is receiving the same rainfall as it has received so far during the Tula monsoon season. Monsoon, which should go from west to east, is blowing from east to west. Although climate scientists and experts are unable to give a clear answer to the question of why such a reversal occurred, the primary explanation is that it is due to the strong cyclonic circulation in the southwestern part of the Bay of Bengal. In other words, the wind shifted towards the cyclone between Sri Lanka and Chennai.

The extreme heat of the sea, the drastic changes in the atmosphere in phases, and the environmental degradation in the mountains are being discussed, but the scientists reiterate that at least those in the warning areas need to be extremely careful. The agencies did not get any indication of intensification of rain in Idukki Kudayathur. So no warnings were given. But in the morning, the heavy rain fell for several hours and a family was swept away. This was the nature of the warning in many areas of Pathanamthitta. Experts are of the opinion that the incident is completely unexpected.

There was no indication from the atmosphere of Idukki earlier. Unexpected events can happen anywhere till December. Yesterday’s observation is that there may be heavy rain in many places for the next three days. Central Meteorological Department and main private meteorological agencies and medals are giving clear indications of heavy rain.

There is a warning that its impact will be more in Madhya Kerala. The satellite image shows heavy cloud cover in Muvattupuzha, Haripad, Ketayat, southern Thrissur, Palakkad-Thrissur border, Pathanamthitta, Nilambur, Wayanad’s Lakiti and Thiruvananthapuram’s eastern hills. It is estimated that there will not be so much of a problem in the northern districts, but care must be taken in the Kezhikkad-Wayanad border and Kasarket-Karnataka border areas. At midnight and early morning, the rain has turned into a mode of alertness.

Although the exact amount of rain that inundated Kechi city on Tuesday will be available only on Wednesday morning, the fact that 10 cm of rain fell in Kusat region from 5:19 am on Tuesday morning in five hours is a clear indication of the intensity of the rain, said Meteorological Scientist of the Radar Research Center Day M.G.Manage. It rained 7 cm from 8 to 9.30 am. The management also suggests that it is a situation where the families in the warning area should form a community and normalize the way they communicate with each other. It is between two and four in the morning, when everyone is fast asleep, and it is raining heavily in many places today.

Due to the limitation of radars, cloud cover is not observed in many parts of Malayeram. Thiruvananthapuram and Kachchi radars are available today. There are no radars in the northern districts, Kannur airport, despite the central government’s earlier decision to install radars in Mangaluru areas, the process is taking a long time. Climate change means that small areas can have flash floods at any time. It is during this season that should receive moderate rainfall, but in the nature of Tulavarsha, it rains more dangerously. It is indicated that there was no indication of the heavy rain in Kechi on Tuesday in any of the medals. The Arabian Sea is also in dire straits. Wind and thunder are strong. After about one kilometer from the coast, the pressure is in a state where it does not rain. Therefore, there is a doubt that a low pressure path is forming in the Arabian Sea.

English Summary: Unexpected rain destruction can happen in Kerala till December

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