In the style of “Blondon Boys”: this is how Fernando Godoy will look in the new version of “Married with Children”

The first images of the details of the recordings of Married with children.

The production will feature its original cast, which is made up of Fernando Larraín, Javiera Contador, Dayana Amigo and Fernando Godoy, Marcial Tagle, Carmen Gloria Bresky and Jaime Omeñaca.

La Cuarta has been exhibiting the succulent details of the sitcom, in the first instance we saw what the leading couple of the comedy will look like, in addition to the new characters that will make up this new version.

On this occasion, Pleased to meet you showed the look that Fernando Godoy will have, who will embody his iconic character “Nacho Larraín”.

In an office you can see the interpreter of “Sapito de agua” was surprised by Karen Doggenweiler and Néme, where he showed his blonde hair.

Look how Fernando Godoy will look in Married with children

Fernando Godoy is surprised in Mucho Gusto.

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