in the USSR, a star’s career was ruined

2023-09-19 06:30:00

The screen star could conquer Hollywood.

Nadezhda Rumyantseva captivated the Soviet audience with the hits “Girls” and “Queen of the Gas Station.” The artist was showered with compliments, and fans bombarded her with declarations of love. And, as it turned out, the screen star’s performance was appreciated abroad as well.

The fact is that “Girls” was actively shown in Argentina, the USA and other countries. Both viewers and critics were delighted with Rumyantseva on the screen. She was not only praised in the press, but also showered with invitations to star in local films. The producers were confident that the celebrity’s comedic talent would be in demand not only in the USSR, but also in Hollywood and other markets.

But Soviet officials were against developing the artist’s career. They forbade her to act with foreign directors, which is why she was forced to concentrate only on domestic cinema. And over time, she left the profession altogether, focusing on her personal life and becoming the wife of diplomat Willy Khshtoyan.

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