Inaccessible and Disappointing: Bobbejaanland’s Poor Treatment of Visitors with Reduced Mobility

2023-10-27 12:35:00

Even before the group boarded the bus to go to Bobbejaanland last Sunday, there was already discontent among the leaders. Some parents had already contacted the park regarding its accessibility for people with reduced mobility and the response was not quite what they had hoped for…

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“They were informed by a park manager that their child would be better off staying at home, because visitors must be able to ride the attractions independently,” Sander Van den Brande tells our colleagues at Newspaper. However, according to the website, the park is accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Upon arrival, new disappointment: after helping a young scout who was wearing splints to board an attraction, the leaders were taken aside by park employees, who invited them not to return to the attraction due to the slowness of boarding. “What should have been a pleasant day turned into a big disappointment,” laments Sander.

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