Including the two approaches and coughing.. The former Minister of Health: These symptoms may indicate

03:57 PM

Friday January 21 2022

Books – Osama Ali:

Dr. Ashraf Hatem, the former Minister of Health and Chairman of the Parliament’s Health Committee, revealed the symptoms that indicate infection with the Corona virus.

Hatem said, in a video clip of him on the official page of the Ministry of Health, Friday, that if a person feels flu-like symptoms or colds, this may indicate infection with corona, stressing that the symptoms of flu and cold are similar to the symptoms of the Corona virus.

The former Minister of Health added that in the event of exposure or contact with a person infected with the Corona virus and symptoms of the virus appeared on him, this may indicate infection with the virus, noting that each wave of the Corona virus had different symptoms, such as loss of sense of smell and taste in the first wave, and high Heat, whether continuous or short for 48 hours, in addition to severe aches and severe cracking in the body

He pointed out that pneumonia may come as a result of a virus or bacteria, explaining that in the case of corona infection, symptoms such as coughing, frequent high temperature, snoring, and lack of oxygen in the case of severe infection, and in this case, a CT scan is performed without dye to determine the extent of the infection. moderate or severe

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