Increase in accidents at work and occupational diseases

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"All sectors combined, they result mainly from manual manipulations (50%) and falls (28%). "
"All sectors combined, they result mainly from manual manipulations (50%) and falls (28%). »Jens Magnusson / Ikon Images / Photononstop

In the midst of a debate on pension reform and the consideration of hardship, Medicare is throwing a wedge into the pond. Unveiled on December 3, its annual report reveals an overall rise in claims experience at work. Work accidents increased by 2.9% in 2018: a total of 651,103 cases were recognized as such, including 551 fatal accidents.

All sectors combined, they result mainly from manual manipulations (50%) and falls (28%). The increase is particularly noticeable in the services sector, notably personal assistance and temporary work (+ 5%), followed by the wood, furniture and paperboard industries (+ 4.5%). ). The sectors most affected are construction, transport and food.

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" The economic recovery largely explains this trend ", Advance the Medicare as an explanation, while recalling that compared to the active population, the loss ratio remains at a historically low level: around 34 accidents per 1,000 employees for five years, against 45 for 1 000 twenty years ago. It is therefore the job creations that partly explain this balance sheet, even though the number of temporary workers has been declining since the beginning of 2018.

Difficult weather conditions

Medicare also emphasizes that the gradual implementation of the Nominative Social Declaration (DSN) has been able to mechanically increase the number of accidents recorded. However, this is an unexplained reversal from the previous year, marked by a decline in work-related accidents.

Travel accidents jumped 6.9% in one year, continuing a steady rise since 2015. Medicare is challenging the harsh weather conditions of last winter.

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After three years of decline, the number of recognized occupational diseases is also on the rise (+ 2.1%) with 49 538 additional cases in 2018, of which 88% for musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). The number of psychic illnesses related to work also continued to grow (+ 23%), with 990 cases recognized. This strong increase can probably be explained by the fact that these diseases (depression, anxiety disorders, etc.) have become more acute in recent years. The number of recognized occupational cancers has remained stable since 2015.

"Naivety", "cynicism"

The Association of the Accidents of Life (Fnath) reacted strongly to these results. The main association for assistance to victims of industrial accidents has denounced in a statement a system in a state of " brain death Qualifying the argument of economic recovery, used by the authors to explain the rise in work-related accidents, to naivete "Or even" cynicism ".


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