Increase in dengue fever in the province of Antiq…

To Philippinesthe Integrated Provincial Health Office (IPHO) ofAntiquein the western Visayasreported 1,174 cases of dengueincluding 4 deaths, in the first six months of 2022. The number of cases increased by 431% compared to the 221 cases recorded during the same period last year.

The three cities with the highest number of cases are San Jose de Buenavista with 262, Barbaza with 237, including one death, and Hamtic with 148, including two deaths.

For tourists, the prevention of dengue therefore involves the fight against its vector Aedes albopictus. The most effective way to fight this mosquito is to eliminate its breeding grounds (saucers, small containers, garbage, tanks, vases, tires, etc.).
Travelers are advised to protect themselves from mosquito bites. The usual vector control measures should be observed:

  • Wearing covering clothes.
  • Mosquito repellents, containing DEET, on uncovered skin.
  • Mosquito net impregnated with insecticide for the siesta and the night.

People who use sunscreen should apply the repellent 20 minutes after sunscreen.
In order to avoid as far as possible the dissemination of the dengue virus on metropolitan territory, in the face of a sudden onset of fever and joint or muscle pain within 15 days of returning from a trip to a risk zone, it is necessary consult your doctor as soon as possible by reporting your trip.

Source : Outbreak News Today.

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