indian husband Filed a lawsuit for 22 million baht. The son refused to have grandchildren.

indian husband Filed a lawsuit for 22 million baht. The son refused to have grandchildren.

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May 13 BBC reported that the Indian husband and wife File a lawsuit against an only child and a daughter-in-law who refuses to have grandchildren for the male parents. After 6 years of marriage

Sancheep and Sathana Prasad, aged 61 and 57, in Uttarakhand. north of the country They filed a lawsuit against Mr. Charee Sakorn, 35-year-old son, and Ms. Supangkee Sin, 31-year-old daughter-in-law, demanding compensation of nearly $650,000 ($22.4 million) if the son and daughter-in-law are still unable to have one. Grandchildren can be carried by their parents within this year.

The Times of India reported that Prasad had spent all of his savings on his son. Sent to the United States in 2006 to receive pilot training for $65,000 (2.2 million baht) and returned to India in 2007, but lost his job, the family had to financially support his son for another 2 years.

indian husband

Charee Sakorn and Supangkee Sin (2 middle ones)

Mr. Charee Sakorn, 35 years old, this son finally got a job as a pilot. his parents said arranged to marry Miss Supangkee Sinh in 2016 with the hope of having grandchildren to play as friends during retirement

Mr Sagar’s parents said Pay for a wedding in a 5-star hotel, a luxury car of $80,000, and an overseas honeymoon.

“Our son has been married for 6 years, but we are not planning to have a baby yet. At least if we have grandchildren to spend time with. Our pain will be able to take home,” Prasad said.

Son refuses to have grandchildren

Sagar Sinha and his wife Shubhangi Sinha have been sued by his parents Sadhana and Sanjeev Prasad Sinha for not giving them a grandchild. Photo: Arvind Kumar Srivastava

The couple’s lawyer said: Claims for compensation due to emotional pain “It is the dream of every parent who is a grandparent. Clients have been waiting for years to become grandfathers and grandmothers,” the lawyer said.

The court is expected to begin the trial on May 17, while the son and daughter-in-law have not yet come out to clarify.

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