India’s Path to Development by 2047: Prime Minister Modi’s Vision for a Corruption-Free and Prosperous Country

2023-09-03 08:45:00

03 September 2023, 02:15 PM IST Prime Minister Modi | File Photo – PTI

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that India will become a developed country by 2047. He added that corruption, casteism and communalism will have no place in the development of the country. He was speaking to news agency PTI ahead of the G20 summit.

The Prime Minister said that India, which jumped to the fifth position in a short period of time, will be among the top three in the future and said that India has laid the foundation for growth that will be remembered for the next thousand years.

“Hundreds of millions of poor people were hungry in the country for a long time. But today billions of people are living the lifestyle they want. More than two hundred crore people have become self-employed’ – said Modi.

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