Indicted U.S. Senator Bob Menendez and His Impact on U.S.-Taiwan Relations: Latest Updates and Analysis

2023-09-22 22:30:00
2023-09-23 06:30 United Daily News reporter Zhang Wenxin/Washington Real Time Report

U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Menendez has been indicted in a corruption case. Democratic Senate Leader Chuck Schumer announced that Menendez will temporarily step down as chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee until the review process is completed.

Menendez, a New Jersey state senator, and his wife, Nadine Menendez, were both indicted by a federal grand jury on three federal charges for accepting gifts from three New Jersey businessmen.

Menendez is not only the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee but also the co-chairman of the Senate Taiwan Connection. Last year, he took the lead in proposing the “Taiwan Policy Act” that once aroused concern in the White House, including providing funds for Taiwan’s military aid and sanctioning Chinese officials who escalate hostilities. , granting Taiwan the status of a “major non-NATO ally,” requiring the State Department to coordinate the change of the name of Taiwan’s representative office in the United States, etc. Menendez described this as the most comprehensive revision of U.S. policy toward Taiwan since the “Taiwan Relations Act” came into effect in 1979.

This year, Menendez once again proposed the “Taiwan Tax Treaty Act” to authorize the United States and Taiwan to negotiate a tax agreement so that U.S. and Taiwan workers and companies can avoid double taxation.

U.S. Senate Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Bob Menendez. File photo for this newspaper. …

As of press time, it is unclear who will act as chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee and whether Menendez’s indictment will affect the co-chairmanship of Taiwan Connection.

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