Influencer denounced that the Colombian team asked him for money to let him play


He former soccer player Diego Neira He raised the hornet’s nest in Colombian soccer with some controversial statements.

The Today influencer revealed the reasons for which, according to him, he should have made the decision to get away from football

assured that in Tigers asked him for money as a condition to let him play in this team, which plays in the second division of Colombian soccer and to which he arrived initially on merits.

He stated that he began to notice that people without talent reached the professional directly and it was because they did so through businessmen.

“That lowers one’s grade,” said Neira, who indicated that he told his parents that it was unethical to pay a coach to be able to be on a court and they agreed with this position.

Las former player’s statements generated the reaction of the leaders of the capital club.

In dialogue with Futbolred, the president ofand Tigres, Edgar Páez, described as “serious” the accusations that he previously launched Diego in the program Good day, Colombia, of the RCN Channel,

He assured that he has never “I have asked no footballer for money so that he can play at a professional level and if he is an amateur he only has to pay what is officially charged to everyone”.

Tigers participate in the betplay tournamentin which after two games played he is ninth, with three points.

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