“Inheritance Issues and Real Estate Rights: Resolving Disputes and Maximizing Profits with Real Estate Valuation Services”

2023-05-29 22:44:39

Inheritance and inheritance issues and the rights of heirs in real estate. Issues of my interest through my profession and friction in this aspect.. Continuous disputes between members of the same family after the death of the original owner of the property, which reached the courts.

The topics of cases and disputes vary between the heirs, and most of them focus on how or how to dispose of the inherited property, and determine the shares of the heirs, while the issues intensify in the absence of a documented will from the inheritor, or the presence of an unclear will regarding the distribution.

Sometimes there are disagreements about determining the shares in the inherited property, because of the method of estimating its value, as the process of real estate valuation in this case plays an important role in calming these disputes and satisfying all parties.

The representative of the heirs can apply through one of the channels of the Land Department, requesting a real estate appraisal service, or contact the real estate appraisal offices that operate in accordance with the legal procedures approved in the Emirate of Dubai, to obtain an appraisal report for the inherited property or real estate estate, as this report will help him achieve the required goal. Not to waste the rights of the heirs, to take the right decision regarding the estate, and to ensure that they do not suffer any loss if they invest in the inherited estate. The real estate valuation process also helps to determine whether the time is right to sell the property or not, according to market indicators, current prices, and the movement of demand and supply.

This, in turn, avoids the heirs losing part of their money in the event that the sale prices are low in the market, and at this point it must be noted that the value of the property is sometimes higher than the price offered for sale, due to the lack of awareness of one of the heirs, and his ignorance of the role of the real estate valuation process in determining the appropriate price. And sometimes the opposite, as an exaggerated price is offered to sell the property, with the aim of raising the shares, which causes the sale to falter and the heirs benefit from their shares quickly, and this happens for the same reason, which is the lack of use of real estate valuation services.

The process of real estate valuation by qualified parties approved by the concerned authorities in the real estate sector helps the heirs to estimate the value of the inherited property in a fair and objective manner. Specialized real estate consultancy can help clarify some ambiguous points in this regard, and offer appropriate solutions for disposing of inherited real estate from a real estate perspective, and as required by the real estate law adopted in the market.

In general, the issues and disputes of inheritance in real estate are many and different, including what is related to managing the real estate estate, collecting its revenues and paying off its debts, and including what is related to how to calculate the share of each heir from paying those debts, and deducting it from his legal share and his share of the estate.

Many disputes and disputes about inherited real estate are widespread, and many cases are being considered by the courts in this matter, but on the other hand, there are clear laws in the country and Dubai that regulate these cases, the most important of which is Decree No. 23 of 2020 regarding regulating the sale of heirs to residential real estate in Emirate of Dubai.

More details about the decree will be reviewed in the next topic, God willing.



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