Inside Scoop: Drew McIntyre’s Outburst at Survivor Series 2023

2023-11-26 06:02:49

While Seth Rollins did not hide his anger when he saw CM Punk make his return to WWE during Survivor Series 2023, another wrestler would also have gotten angry after the latest Premium Live Event.

Indeed, Drew McIntyre left the ring at the end of the men’s WarGames Match according to PWInsider. The Scottish wrestler reportedly went backstage, slammed his locker room door, grabbed a sweatshirt and left the Allstate Arena which hosted Survivor Series this year.

While the reason Drew McIntyre was angry isn’t known at this time, he says it was obvious to everyone behind the scenes.

A fan was able to take a video of Drew McIntyre’s departure right after the end of the Main Event and posted it on social media, this was just before CM Punk’s return:

Photo credit: WWE

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