Instagram: How to add a pronoun to your profile [iPhone]

Some time ago, we showed here on MacMagazine that Apple had implemented an option on iPhone/iPad and Mac for you to choose how you want to be treated.

Following this same line, the Instagram also lets you do that — so your pronoun appears on your profile. See, in the next paragraphs, how to do it around!

On iPhone, open Instagram, tap your profile picture (bottom right) and then go to “Edit Profile”.

Below your username, tap “Pronouns” and add up to four to your profile (like “Him” and “His,” for example). Below the add field, you can choose between different languages ​​and whether you want to show this information only to your followers.

When satisfied, tap “Finish” and then “Finish” again to exit your profile editing mode. With this, your pronouns will appear next to your name.

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