Instagram notes will also appear on the profile

2024-04-14 14:00:00

Notes can currently only be viewed in the Instagram direct message window.

By Europa Press

Instagram seeks to give greater visibility to notes, a function that allows you to enter text and emojis to share messages with friends and contacts, which will no longer appear exclusively in the direct message (DM) tray and will also be displayed in the profile of each account .

Notes are statements of up to 60 characters that are ephemeral, like Stories, as they disappear 24 hours after being posted. Replies to notes also reach users as direct messages in their inboxes.


Currently the notes can only be seen in the Instagram direct message window, although the platform is working to also show them outside of this section, in the main profile of the user who published them.

This is a change in strategy with which Meta, the developer of this application, seeks to encourage users to publish more frequently to smaller and selected groups of friends, as announced by Engadget.

Instagram is also adding a new cropping feature, which allows users to create ‘stickers’ of different objects that appear in an image. These can be shared both in Stories and in reels.

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