Installment iPhone 13 Pro Jarir Bookstore: Find out the price and how to apply for installment

Installment for iPhone 13 Pro Jarir Bookstore

The Jarir Bookstore has offered iPhone 13 Pro phone With a capacity of 128 GB at a cash price of 4699 riyals, while the price of the iPhone 13 Pro with a capacity of 256 GB at a cash price of 5199 riyals, the price of the iPhone 13 Pro with a capacity of 512 GB came to 6199 riyals, and the iPhone 13 Pro with a capacity of 1 TB is not yet available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia, and these are the prices of cash sales, as for the prices and method of installments, we will present them to you.

Benefits and documents for the installment request

Jarir Bookstore made it possible to pay the iPhone 13 Pro in installments over a period of 36 months with a monthly installment starting at 218 riyals per month. Jarir Bookstore cooperates with Quara Finance Company. The company offers several advantages:

Installment for iPhone 13 Pro Jarir Bookstore
  • Without asking the customer for a down payment.
  • The approval of the installment request is immediate, as the time for accepting the request ranges from 15 to 30 minutes if the client completes the required documents.
  • The repayment period is up to 36 months.
  • The resident does not need the sponsor’s signature on the installment request.
  • Installment is compatible with the wreckage of Islamic law.

The documents that the customer must prepare to ensure the completion of the installment request are:

  • The national identity of the citizen.
  • A valid resident ID for the resident.
  • Definition of salary.
  • A customer’s account statement showing the last 3 salaries received by the customer.
  • Participation in social insurance.

Installment request terms

The library has specified terms and conditions for the installment request, which are:

Installment for iPhone 13 Pro Jarir Bookstore
Loan for iPhone 13 Pro Jarir
  • Quara has the right to accept or reject the financing request, depending on the eligibility of the customer.
  • The customer has the right to benefit from the installment service, provided that the value of the purchase invoice ranges between 3000 riyals as a minimum and 30 thousand riyals as a maximum.
  • The customer cannot return the price of the goods sold in cash, and if the customer wishes to return, this is subject to the library’s return terms.
  • The installment service includes Quara Company obtaining a profit margin of 1.85%.
  • Installment cannot be combined with any other payment method.
  • The customer can submit the application electronically.

How to apply for an installment request electronically is as follows:

  • Login to Installment link.
  • Write the required data.
  • Attach photos of documents.
  • Obtaining initial approval.
  • Go to the nearest Jarir Bookstore branch to submit documents.
  • Receiving the phone.

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