Interpretation of the stage textbook of “Feng Yuanzheng”

Original title: The stage textbook that interprets “the surname of the drama”, Beijing Renyi re-enacts “Mutiny”, Beijing, July 3 (Reporter Gao Kai) The dizzying court battles and the heart-wrenching swords and swords, on the evening of July 2, the performance of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Beijing Art Institute continued, and the classic drama “Mutiny” appeared again. The stage of the Capital Theater.

“Mutiny” premiered in 1988 and was directed by American director Charlton Heston, with Ren Ming as the assistant director. Through the superb acting skills of the actors, the whole play made the Chinese audience feel a familiar and unfamiliar World War II situation, and the special setting of the whole play with the court as the stage also made this work a lot of people relish Tao topic.

“Mutiny” is a stage textbook that interprets “the surname of the drama”. The whole play takes the military court as the stage. Without the premise of complex action scheduling, it has completely relied on the unique language of different characters to create many flesh-and-blood characters. The image gradually outlines the whole picture of the incident clearly, and at the end of the incident, a reversal is carried out just right – such a “brain-burning” work fully mobilizes the audience’s enthusiasm for watching the drama with dramatic elements, and also achieves a Bu Renyi often perform a good stage masterpiece.

“All the stage actions in this play are in the heart, except for the verbal action, it is the action of the heart. You have to sit so that the audience can see clearly. “Mutiny” is a play with unique charm in terms of lines and performances” , Feng Yuanzheng, who plays Quegger in the play, believes that the handling of lines in the play is a challenge for actors, and the interlocking of lines also complements the court theme of the play, making the play exciting and continuous at the same time. With considerable rigor, Mutiny has a higher level of artistry.

Beijing Renyi re-enacts “Mutiny” Photo by Shi Chunyang

Wu Gang, who plays Greenwald in the play, also said that he needs to understand the script thoroughly and deeply understand the logic of the story and the background of the characters in order to perform successfully in this work. “From the perspective of an actor, the role of Greenwood can To hone the actors, train the actors, and Greenwood controls the rhythm of the whole play, which is a very rare and very good opportunity for the actors.”

Acting in “Mutiny” on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the hospital undoubtedly proves that this work also has a special commemorative value for Renyi. Feng Yuanzheng believes that, on the one hand, “Mutiny” represents the unique style of Beijing Renyi’s performance in foreign plays, and represents the theater’s unique localized second creative concept. of strong historical significance. “Salute to our predecessors and everyone is the greatest significance of starring in “Mutiny”, Wu Gang said, “They are very forward-looking and visionary, and they have overcome all kinds of resistance to introduce this script to China, and invited Heston to come to China. China came to rehearse this play, they know that play has no borders, it is interconnected, and they have the vision of a master.”

Beijing Renyi re-enacts “Mutiny” Photo by Shi Chunyang

From the first edition performance in 1988 to the rescheduled performance in 2006, for Beijing Renyi, “Mutiny” undoubtedly has the meaning of inheritance. Young actors who once enjoyed their predecessors’ performances under the stage took to the stage. In today’s performances, there are Feng Yuanzheng, Wu Gang, Wang Gang, Zhang Fuyuan, Cong Cong, Zhang Wankun, Gao Dongping, Ding Zhicheng and other talented actors and actresses. Lei, He Jing, Zou Jian, Xu Baixiao and other artistic backbones participated in the performance.

In this round of performances, Wang Gang, who continues to play Judge Charlie in the play, can still recall how he felt when he enjoyed the play, “This is the first time I have come into contact with what is a real drama. This play is indeed different from other plays, with a lot of The lines and logic”, he described the feeling of being able to appear in the play with “three lives is fortunate”, and hoped to pass on his more than ten years of experience in the play to the young actors of the theater.

“At the age of 40-year-old actors, we really have to take responsibility and face the inheritance and succession of many classic plays. So I hope that every time we appear on the stage, we can show the audience who loves people and art. To hope and see the future, at the same time, both the old audience of Renyi and the fans of Renyi, so that they can still enjoy the happiness that Renyi brings to them.” Wang Lei, who plays Marek in this play I have been playing this role since I was 23 years old. While I have a deeper understanding of the play, I also feel the responsibility of being a young actor of Renyi. “I have to compete with my seniors in a better state. Start the Mutiny ship together, learn from them, and keep up with them,”

Beijing Renyi re-enacts “Mutiny” Photo by Shi Chunyang

In this performance, in order to commemorate the deceased director Ren Ming, the rehearsal hall was reserved for the director, and the script and director bell were also placed in front of the director’s table, and the heavy responsibility of the quality control of this round of rehearsal was on. On a group of old actors. Feng Yuanzheng said that everyone is facing the rehearsal this time with a serious attitude, and the old actors of the crew are also fulfilling the responsibility of “favoring and leading” through the rehearsal of this play, and sharing their own experience with the young actors and experience.

“We all hope that we can perform the performance in the best state, so that Dean Ren Ming’s spirit in the sky can see everyone’s awe for the drama and his condolences,” Feng Yuanzheng said on behalf of the “Mutiny” crew.

It is reported that the play will run until July 12. (Finish)

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