Invima approves treatment against Covid-19 of the Barranquilla doctor Carlos Riveros – Diario La Libertad

Barranquilla doctor Carlos Riveros, specialist in internal medicine.

The Barranquilla doctor Carlos Riveros, an internal medicine specialist who currently resides in the United States, announced good news: Invima approved the treatment against Covid-19 that reduces the viral load in people. He assured that this treatment will go to Barranquilla and other parts of the world, and it is also expected that later the drug can be made as the one used for asthma.

With the help of Invima, tests of the treatment against covid-19 began to be developed, the drug is administered inhaled, via nebulized, once inhaled, enters the respiratory tract and is capable of reducing the replication of the virus by more than one 90%, this is used in the initial phase of the disease to prevent further viral involvement, with it you can also prevent the progress of the disease in a serious way.
“This has been a personal effort, many people have supported us in everything, the financing of this entire project was about 70 billion, fortunately Invima has been aware of the urgency of the situation, right now we are training doctors and nurses from Barranquilla who are going to participate in the study, we are fulfilling step by step everything required so that on Tuesday, if we have 60 patients, we would finish the study in 10 days, “said Riveros.

How to use

Carlos Riveros explained that this drug should be used from the first symptom, only with suspicion it is feasible to use it in a prophylactic way, also in people who start with symptoms suggestive of coronavirus; unexplained headache, fever, sore throat, dry cough, loss of smell and taste.
General practitioners can give this medicine first-hand in their consultations or people could have it at home to use when the first symptom is suspected, “we have no evidence if it can treat a more advanced stage of the disease, but this it may be the subject of other investigations by the Colombian medical unit, in this case we do it in the initial stage of the disease.
According to the latest studies conducted to obtain approval for Invima, there were no contraindications in the tests, safety studies show that there are no changes in lung function, even people who received the treatment while healthy, improved their capacity vital.


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