Invite friends to enjoy the “Asian Games-level” competition venue at home

Invite friends to enjoy the “Asian Games-level” competition venue at the door of the house. From July 1st, the Binjiang Stadium will be open to the public for the benefit of the people.

In order to further create a “national fitness” badminton sports experience for citizens, give full play to the advantages of the venue, and stimulate the enthusiasm of the whole people to be the host of the Asian Games, the reporter learned on June 30 that the Binjiang Gymnasium will officially open to the public tomorrow (July 1) to benefit the people. open.

Binjiang Gymnasium, also known as “Little White Bowl”, is located at No. 996, Binjiang District, Hangzhou. The venue was completed and put into use in 2017 and can accommodate 4,000 spectators. It is the badminton competition venue for the Hangzhou Asian Games and the Asian Paralympic Games. It will produce 7 and 22 gold medals respectively. It has a world-class badminton competition lighting system and 8K high-definition. Cameras, auditorium ventilation system and many other “black technologies” of the Asian Games are veritable high-tech venues.

Adhering to the purpose of “benefiting the people”, the outdoor sports venues of the Binjiang Gymnasium have been opened free of charge, and the badminton hall will also be opened on July 1 at a price benefiting the people. Citizens and friends can immediately experience the professional atmosphere of the Asian Games badminton game in an “immersive” experience at their doorstep, and they can also sweat on the outdoor basketball court and the 400-meter circular track, which can meet the diverse sports needs of citizens.

Open programs, times and prices

Online venue reservation

(1) WeChat Mini Program – AI Moves Hangzhou – Asian Games Venue Online – Binjiang Stadium – Select Time, Venue – Submit Order – Pay

(2) WeChat applet – Likedong – Venue – Binjiang Gymnasium – Select time and venue – Submit order – Pay

(3) Alipay APP – Asian Games Venue Online – Venue – Binjiang Stadium – Select time and venue – Submit order – Pay

For details, please call: 0571-89808888

special reminder

It should be noted that citizens and friends must verify the venue code, health code and itinerary card when entering the gymnasium, and present a negative nucleic acid certificate within 7 days, and measure the temperature; entering the badminton hall must also verify the reservation information. The ground parking space of the venue is open to the public, and non-motor vehicles are not allowed to enter.

At the same time, in order to meet the requirements of epidemic prevention, the open area of ​​the Binjiang Gymnasium will implement personnel flow restrictions, with a limit of 300 people in the indoor badminton hall and 1,000 people in the outdoor area.

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