Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro Max is temporarily, but not mentioned at the time of the announcement of the new iPhone 13 family. Higher power load than previous products, allowing the device to reach full battery faster.

According to ChargerLAB’s tests, the iPhone 13 Pro Max can receive: Up to 27W power When using the same or higher power charger. The charging speed of the entire iPhone 12 family was limited to 22W.

However, the iPhone 13 Pro Max It does not use 27W of power during the entire charging process.. According to Twitter user DuanRui, the iPhone utilizes a 27W load for about 27 minutes. In the tests we conducted, the iPhone 13 Pro Max took a total of 100 minutes to complete an 86% charge.

Apple Insider also did this type of testing and found that 27W of power was Used only when the battery is between 10% and 40%.. Above 40%, the charging power is reduced to 22-23W.

Highest loading speed according to DuanRui It appears to be limited to the iPhone 13 Pro Max model., this does not exceed 20W in any case, as the tests were conducted on the iPhone 13 Pro.

If you have an iPhone 13 Pro Max and want to take advantage of 27W fast charging compatibility, A 30W or higher charger must be used.. As I always say, if you’re not in a hurry, charging with a conventional charger is best to prevent the battery from heating up and degrading more quickly during the process.

fastest charging Cannot be used with MagSaf wireless chargingThe eo Qi. only supports charging up to 15W.