iPhone: an atypical accessory to give it a retro look

2024-01-06 04:06:32

Do you want to give your iPhone a retro look? Clicks reinvents the physical keyboard by offering an accessory that will surely spark debate.

In 2007, Steve Jobs grimaced at the idea of ​​a physical keyboard on the iPhone. However, 17 years later, Clicks shakes up the norms with a revolutionary case. Indeed, Clicks is revisiting history by launching a case with a physical keyboard for the iPhone. Referring to the 2007 keynote, the company suggests that removing physical keyboards may have been a mistake.

Either way, Clicks is making a big bet on whether or not this product will succeed. It is obvious that some users will cry foul while some will find it brilliant. For those who want to know more, here is some information about this atypical accessory:

Modern features

© Clicks

The accessory, compatible with iPhone 14 Pro, 15 Pro, and 15 Pro Max, offers a unique tactile experience. Of course, your iPhone takes up volume, but in return, the keyboard hides the touchscreen to optimize the screen.

Clicks goes beyond nostalgia. The keyboard features iOS shortcuts, a backlight for nighttime use, and wireless charging compatibility. However, MagSafe is not part of the package. Please note: the case is not waterproof, CarPlay only works with Lightning models, and wired EarPods are not supported.

Price and availability

To give your iPhone a retro look, count between $139 and $159. Two color choices, BumbleBee Yellow and London Sky Gray, add a touch of style.

Clicks pushes the boundaries of iPhone design. Is this a step backwards or a step forward? The choice is between nostalgia and modernity.

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