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Since December 2022 Apple has been surprising users with the betas of , a version that promised to bring various innovative tools to the iPhone. Now, after several months, the company finally released the final update of the third part of iOS 16.

As is known, iOS 16.3 not only showed new applications like Freeform, but also made various adjustments to certain functions and fixed bugs found in previous betas, so it is not surprising that many want to have this version on their smartphones.

That is why, if you are thinking of installing iOS 16.3 for free on your iPhone, from DEPOSITwe share a complete guide with all the steps to follow and do not have problems in the process.

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How to install the official version of iOS 16.3 on your iPhone

Apple has already released the latest version of iOS 16.3 and it has brought a series of functions and improvements for the iPhone, which is why we share the step by step for you to update your mobile device.

  • Before you start, you should know if your iPhone is among the models available to update iOS 16.3.
  • Otherwise, you will not be able to install iOS 16.3 and you will have at least one previous version.
  • After this, enter the Settings app from your iPhone.
  • Within the options, click on General.
  • Now, tap on Software Update.
  • In this section, you will see the official version of iOS 16.3.
  • Choose this and click Update.
  • Wait a few minutes for iOS 16.3 to install.
  • This will depend on each mobile device.
  • Once your iPhone restarts, you will already have the latest version of iOS 16.3.

How to delete repeated contacts on iPhone with iOS 16

If you have iOS 16, you can now remove duplicate contacts from your iPhone. We share the process here.

  • What you should first do is open the Settings app, followed by Apple ID.
  • After this, go to iCloud.
  • Among the available options, choose Everyone and turn on Contacts.
  • Once this is done, wait for the iCloud contacts to be synced with your iPhone contacts.
  • Later, enter the Contacts app.
  • Now, at the top, you will see the option “Duplicate contacts have been found” (if you have them).
  • Then, you must click on this button and the double contacts will appear.
  • Tap on each contact to make sure that the information of each one of them is the same and you don’t delete them by mistake.
  • Next, click on the Merge contacts button.
  • Finally, wait a few seconds until Solved appears.

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