Iran Threatens Israel With Its “Destruction” Over Killing Scientist Behind Nuclear Program | International

The Iranian Minister of Intelligence, Mahmud Alaví, warned Israel on Tuesday that it made “a great mistake” that will lead to its “destruction” by assassinating the relevant Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fajrizadeh., a crime that Tel Aviv has not admitted having committed.

“The Zionist regime knows that with the martyrdom of people like Fajrizadeh it must foresee their destruction not so far away because they committed a crime and a great mistake,” Alaví said in statements released by the official Iranian agency IRNA.

The scientist, considered the father of the Iranian nuclear program and which the West and Israel suspect of running the ancient Persian secret program to develop nuclear weapons, died on November 27 in an ambush near Tehran.

The Iranian authorities blamed Israel from the beginning for the murder of Fajrizadeh, which will mark 40 days tomorrow, a very important moment for the Shiites to remember the deceased.

Alaví also reported that Iranian intelligence “has already carried out a full investigation and identified the killers,” although some fringes remain to be closed and the results of the investigations will be made public later.

“The main murderer is the criminal Zionist regime and the occupier of Quds (Jerusalem), which bases its existence on these terrorist and cowardly movements,” he stressed.

The Islamic Republic has claimed revenge for the murder of Fajrizadeh,
as well as that of the powerful commander of the Revolutionary Guard Qasem Soleiamí in January 2020 in a US bombing, as Alaví recalled today.

“A harsh revenge will be carried out at the right time,” added the Intelligence Minister, a few days after the first anniversary of the assassination was commemorated.

Alaví also explained that Iran has prepared a thousand pages of documents on the murder of Soleimaní as part of the accusation that they will present before international justice.


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