Is a New Titanfall Game in the Works? Clues and Speculations Point to a Possible Return of the Franchise

2023-10-04 09:30:01

Will there be another Titanfall game? Earlier this year, if you’d asked us, we’d have said no, as it seemed there was a third Titanfall in development, but it was axed as Respawn focused its efforts on Apex Legends instead. Now, with a trailer released by Respawn, including a random patch for Titanfall 2 coming out of nowhere, it looks like it could be breathing new life into the franchise. As GamesRadar points out, fans on Reddit have been scrambling for more clues and believe they’ve found one in the game’s curated playlist. The newest spin mode is the other side. Eagle-eyed fans connected the name to the title of the Red Hot Chili Peppers song Otherside. The third song from their seventh studio album. Some thought this was grasping at straws, while one user said “This is Aether God-level trolling or a confession at this point.” A third Titanfall installment seems unlikely to come, with Respawn both competing with Apex Legends and a third installment. It’s related to a Star Wars Jedi game, but something even stranger happened.
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