Is a paid version of TikTok coming without advertising?

2023-10-04 03:15:00

The popular social network of Chinese origin, TikTok, try a new version of your application that eliminates the it displays in exchange for a subscription.

The rapid growth of the app and its use around the world positioned it as one of the digital references on social platforms. The use of vertical, short videos, fast consumption and very easy to edit to upload them; It made a large audience, especially young people, adopt it as their first publication space.

Its influence is to such a point that many of the established social networks, such as Instagram or X, take elements of its operation to incorporate them into their application. Such is the example of the “Reel” format on Instagram that emerged after the massiveness that TikTok quickly acquired in the world.

Apparently it wants to continue marking the first steps and be a trend in offering ad-free versions to users in exchange for a monthly subscription. At least this is what they are testing in some markets outside the United States, as confirmed by the company to the specialized site Techcrunch.

The amount that is part of the tests is US$4.99 per month. Without greater benefits than the that appears on TikTok formally.

Platforms like X (formerly known as Twitter) already offer a Premium system with extra benefits and functionalities for users. While Meta, with its Instagram application, is also evaluating having a paid version for its users in Europe.

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