Is it really censorship? The ruling MP is alarmed

Today the editorial board of Latvian Radio issued an unprecedented statement. Journalists from this public media outlet expressed alarm over the narrowing of freedom of speech and even warned of threats to democratic values ​​and attempts to introduce censorship. As a result, journalists, in order not to “swim against the tide,” are forced to engage in self-censorship, and this is extremely dangerous for democracy. This evening the editorial board of Latvian TV joined this SOS signal. Soon, Seimas deputy and parliamentary secretary of the Ministry of Defense Atis Shvinka (“Progressive”) also commented on the situation on social networks.

“Very alarming news for both society and politicians. The statement of journalists about censorship must be taken seriously and action must be taken – and not despite the security situation, but precisely because of this situation. The moment has come when journalists are already sounding the alarm that they cannot talk about difficult topics, are forced to self-censor and fear aggression. This is a huge alarm signal. Latvia should not become a country where the dictatorship of the majority or apparent majority influences the work of the media, exposes journalists to aggression and attacks, and where the media does not discuss controversial, complex, painful or uncomfortable questions.

The job of journalists is to raise and analyze what is happening and this is one of the cornerstones of democracy. It would be useful for politicians and supervisors who do not understand these principles to repeat the principles of the Constitution and the values ​​that distinguish us from authoritarian countries in the east,” the Sejm deputy wrote.

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2024-04-07 01:13:37

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