Is it the 3rd champion like this? Look at 2 brutal statistics “Vietnam” after reaching the final “ASEAN Cup 2022”

On January 9, 2023, did you take the 3rd championship to win? Like this, look at the 2 brutal statistics of “Golden Star”, the Vietnamese national team. Under the leadership of Park Hang Seo, after defeating “Adonis”, the Indonesian national team from leading the army, Shin Tae Yong, a fellow countryman trainer successfully pave the way to the finals of the “ASEAN Cup 2022”

Returning to the game, “Golden Star”, the Vietnamese national team Two goals from Nguyen Tien Linh in the 3rd minute and 47th minute saw them through to the final. Making it to win the championship for the 3rd time in history after 2008 and 2018

However, after the game, “Golden Star”, the Vietnamese national team There is a very hot work. When they scored 14 goals against their opponents from 6 matches and in these 6 matches they did not concede any goals. Which reflects that they are strong in both offensive and defensive games until there is a chance to win the championship this time.

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