“Is it the S series? Is it a note?” Galaxy S22 release rumors gathered

Rendering image of Galaxy S22 Ultra model [출처: 레츠고디지털]

[아시아경제 조슬기나 기자] Samsung Electronics’ next strategic smartphone, ‘Galaxy S22’, inherits the contour cut design of its predecessor, Galaxy S21, and the observation that there will be no major change in appearance is dominant. However, in the case of the top model Ultra, it is expected to closely resemble the ‘Galaxy Note 20’, which was not released in the second half of this year, as it features an angled appearance and an S Pen slot.

S22 series It was originally scheduled for an early release at the end of this year. However, with the success of Samsung Electronics’ third-generation foldable phone ‘Galaxy Z Fold 3’ and ‘Galaxy Z Flip 3’, which were introduced in the second half of this year, there is also a forecast that it will be delayed until February next year. This is read as a move to focus on popularizing foldable phones in a situation where the supply of semiconductors continues.

According to the industry on the 16th, as a result of synthesizing the information of the S22 series that has been released so far, it is certain that the S22 will inherit the ‘Contour Cut’ design that integrates the rear smartphone frame and camera module that Samsung Electronics first introduced in the S21 series.

In the recent S22 aluminum dummy (model) video released by an Italian media, you can see the S22, which looks similar to the previous S21. Symmetrical bezels are applied to the front, and the side and bottom designs are the same. It supports a USB-C port and excludes a 3.5mm headphone jack and microSD card slot. The design of the S22 Plus (+) model is also said to be similar to the S22.

The top model, the S22 Ultra, raises the possibility of some design changes. Like its predecessor, the Galaxy S21 Ultra and Note 20, it supports the S Pen, but like the Note 20, the S Pen built-in slot is expected to be applied. The S Pen, which was the symbol of the Note series, was recently expanded to the S21 series and Galaxy Z Fold 3, but it was inconvenient because it had no slot and had to be stored separately in the case.

In addition, in the case of the rear camera design of the S22 Ultra model, it was also expected that the design would be arranged in two rows of quad cameras with four lenses. Dutch IT media Let’s Go Digital, citing the Indian Twitterian Technizo concept, unveiled a design in which quad cameras are placed in a row on the rear camera module.

Earlier, another Twitterian onrisk had predicted that the S22 Ultra would have quad-camera placement in the shape of the letter P. Sub-models of the S22 Ultra, the S22 and S22 Plus, were expected to line up the three cameras on the rear camera module, just like their predecessors.

The S22 series is expected to be equipped with Exynos 2200 chipset and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 898, the next-generation AP. The maximum charging speed is not expected to meet expectations. Like its predecessor, the S21 series, it is expected to maintain a maximum of 25 watts (W). Previously, the Galaxy S20 Ultra and Galaxy Note 10 Plus showed 45W fast charging, but the actual charging speed was not much different from when using the 25W adapter.

in this case It is relatively slower even compared to its rival iPhone 13 Pro Max, which supports fast charging up to 27W. This is why it is pointed out that it will become a weakness in the Android market competition with Chinese companies that are providing fast charging of 45W or more so that it can be fully charged in an average of 30 minutes. Xiaomi’s recently unveiled 11T Pro supports wired charging up to 120W.

The S22 series was once predicted to be released early at the end of this year. However, it is known that the release date has been delayed as the third-generation foldable phone, which was unveiled at Unpacked in the second half of the year, recorded higher-than-expected results. Samsung Electronics, which launched the S21 series early in January of this year, is expected to introduce the S22 series in February next year later than this.

In particular, as the Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 are showing a better-than-expected box office success, and the global supply and demand shortage of semiconductors continues, it is analyzed that there is no reason for Samsung Electronics to rush to release it. Currently, Samsung Electronics is delaying the release of the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition (FE). Earlier, IT specialized media Phone Arena reported that Samsung Electronics reduced the production of the S22 series by 30% compared to the S21 series.

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