Israel/Iran: Van der Bellen calls for de-escalation and praises the USA

Austria’s Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen commented on the Middle East conflict between Israel and Iran on Monday on the sidelines of a company visit to the technology company Fronius in Sattledt.

“Opinions in the West are unanimous. A wildfire must be avoided if possible,” said Van der Bellen in an interview with OÖNachrichten. This requires “appropriate action by all those involved”.

Van der Bellen praised the USA. “The United States has played an extremely positive role in this conflict so far,” said the Federal President: “By focusing on de-escalation and by trying to prevent the Israeli government from taking hasty steps.”

“Hope it stays that way”

And: “Let’s hope that these two events remain,” said Van der Bellen, who mentioned both the Israeli attack on the Iranian consulate building in Damascus and Iran’s retaliatory attack on Israel.


Alexander Zens

Economics editor

Alexander Zens

Alexander Zens


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