Israeli attack: Another Palestinian leader killed – Israel

JERUSALEM – Khalid Mansour, a senior commander of the Palestinian resistance movement Islamic Jihad, was killed in an Israeli missile attack on the Rafah refugee camp in southern Gaza.

The three-storey building was completely destroyed in the attack. Apart from Khalid Mansoor, 7 Palestinians including two other leaders of the organization were killed. With this, the number of people killed in the military operation launched by Israel last Friday has reached 31. The Palestinian Ministry of Health said that 250 people were injured.

Another senior leader of Islamic Jihad was also killed in an airstrike on a residential complex in Gaza on Friday. In response, the rocket attack on Israeli towns continued yesterday.

Hamas, which rules Gaza, has stayed out of the conflict. In May last year, the Israel-Hamas war lasted for 11 days. Israel has announced that it is attacking weapons facilities of Iran-backed Islamic Jihad.

At the same time, an Egyptian-led effort to ease the conflict began. Mediators said Israel accepted Egypt’s proposal to end the airstrikes. However, this has not been confirmed.

English Summary: One more Palestine leader killed

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