Israeli Forces Kill 8 Palestinians in West Bank: Latest News and Updates

2023-11-26 07:16:14

Palestinian medical sources said today, Sunday, that Israeli forces killed 8 Palestinians, including a minor, in the occupied West Bank, late yesterday evening, Saturday, and today, Sunday.

Medical sources in the West Bank explained that the eight Palestinians who were killed by Israeli army gunfire were 5 in Jenin and its camp, and 3 others in different areas of the occupied West Bank.

Israeli media sources reported on Sunday that Israeli forces arrested 9 Palestinians during a raid on the Jenin camp in the West Bank.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health had previously said that 5 of the dead were in the city of Jenin and the sixth in the village of Yatma near the city of Nablus, noting that 6 others were injured during the shooting in Jenin.

The Palestinian News Agency “Wafa” said that Israeli forces stormed Jenin “from several directions amidst firing bullets and surrounded the government hospital and the headquarters of the Palestinian Red Crescent Society.”

She added that a young Palestinian man was killed by an Israeli bombing attack on a house in the Jenin camp.

She explained that the young man, Asaad Ali Al-Damj, 33 years old, was killed and 5 others, including 3 women, were injured, at dawn on Sunday, as a result of an Israeli army march bombing a house in the Jenin camp, and it also bombed the services headquarters in the Jenin camp.

In a separate incident, a sixth Palestinian was killed on Sunday morning by Israeli forces’ bullets in the village of Yatma, south of Nablus in the West Bank.

She explained that the dead young man was Uday Misbah Sanubar (30 years old), while sources in the Palestinian Red Crescent reported that the young man Sanubar was hit with live bullets in the face, during confrontations with Israeli forces after storming the village, and he was taken to the hospital, where he died later, as a result of his injury. .

Later, the Palestinian Health Ministry said that a teenage boy was the seventh to be killed within 24 hours, noting that he was killed in the city of Al-Bireh in the middle of the occupied West Bank.

Yesterday, Saturday, 4 Palestinians, including a child, were killed, and 6 others were injured by live bullets, during the Israeli forces’ storming of the city of Jenin and besieging the Martyr Khalil Suleiman and Ibn Sina Governmental Hospitals.

Large Israeli army forces, accompanied by a military bulldozer, stormed the city of Jenin from several directions amidst firing bullets. They surrounded the government hospital, the headquarters of the Red Crescent Society, and Ibn Sina Hospital. They destroyed and searched the kiosks in front of the hospital, and deployed their snipers on the roofs of some high-rise buildings.

The occupation bulldozers also bulldozed several streets in the city’s neighborhoods, the outskirts of the Jenin camp, and the square, and raided a number of homes in the Jabriyat, Al-Hadaf, Talat Al-Ghabz, and the outskirts of the camp, and destroyed a large number of cars and infrastructure.

The city witnessed an intense flight of reconnaissance aircraft, in addition to an intense deployment of Israeli forces in the neighborhoods of Jenin and the Haifa Street area to the west, which cut off electricity to a number of Jenin neighborhoods and the surroundings of the camp, where “Energy” shells were fired at several homes after their owners were removed from them, on the outskirts of the camp. .

The occupied West Bank is witnessing an escalation in tensions even before the outbreak of the Israeli war on Gaza, following the Hamas attack on the settlements surrounding Gaza on October 7.

Since that date, more than 230 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli army or settler fire in various areas of the West Bank, and more than 2,950 have been injured, according to statistics from the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

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