It cures the disease by 90%.. America imports medicine from China to treat testicular, cervical, lung, breast and head cancer

2023-06-07 00:45:37

translation Exclusive: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that a drug that is the “workhorse” of chemotherapy will be imported from China into the United States.

And the Food and Drug Administration noted: Cisplatin – which is used by up to one in five cancer patients – has been in short supply since February, due to the closure of a major supplier, according to the British Daily Mail.

She explained: This drug has a cure rate of up to 90% for testicular cancer. It treats many types of diseases that affect the bladder, cervix, ovaries, lungs, breasts, head and neck.

The agency also plans to approve a new supplier for another chemotherapy drug, carboplatin, which has been in short supply since late April. Nearly two dozen chemotherapy drugs are in short supply.

The US Food and Drug Administration revealed last week that it had approved Qilu Pharmaceuticals to begin supplying cisplatin to the United States.

The doses will be supplied in 50-milligram vials labeled in Chinese and will be distributed by Canadian company Apotex.

Deliveries are expected to begin within weeks.

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