“It is common in the process and the figure is lower than years ago” – La Discusión 2024-04-19 08:43:34

The Minister of Education, Nicolás Cataldo (PC), maintained that it is “usual” that once the school year has started there are still students without having obtained a place in a school in the public system, and compared that the current figure, which amounts to 880, is lower compared to previous years.

As reported this week by the Mineduc, at the close of the first registration process last December, the figure reached 10,004 affected students, but this was reduced to 880 as of March 31 just last year.

The affected children and adolescents correspond mainly to the kindergarten, first basic and first middle levels, and are concentrated mainly in the northern part of the country: 42% in the commune of Antofagasta, another 20% between Lampa, Colina and Santiago and the remaining 38% in other areas of the country.

Cataldo explained in “Estado Nacional” on 24 Horas that throughout the admission process, which considers phases of generation and distribution of quotas, “different figures emerge.”

In this context, he pointed out that “it is common that in admission and enrollment consolidation processes at the beginning of the school year” there are students who have not yet found a place in an establishment.

He also highlighted that the reported figures “are the usual ones for school years ago,” and compared that “this year is the one in which there are fewer students who are still resolving the issue at this point.”

The lack of enrollment is corrected through administrative means, and “many of these cases even end up being resolved during the school year,” he added.

In any case, he stressed that “decisions must be made, and one of the medium and long-term decisions has to do with building more schools.”

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