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The Attorney General’s Office provisionally suspended the mayor of Medellín, Daniel Quintero, for three months for allegedly participating in politics.

Today there is talk of possible legal resources that the mayor would have at hand, including going to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. For now, recently notified by the Attorney General’s Office, Quintero has dedicated himself to chirping.

This Wednesday morning, a few hours after the announcement of his suspension, his criticisms were aimed at Attorney General Margarita Cabello and President Iván Duque.

“The prosecutor violates the law to favor Duque’s candidate”, said. A few minutes later, he revealed that he had not yet received notification of the measure announced on Tuesday night. He also took the opportunity to call the regime under which Colombia operates a “dictatorship.”

“Unheard of: it’s 7 in the morning and the Attorney General’s Office has not finished drafting the ruling that was announced yesterday in the media. As in any dictatorship, the rule of law is run over and freedoms are threatened,” trill.

Then he addressed Cabello again, this time to communicate that he was suspended without being heard and that, in his opinion, the rule of law is at stake.

“In 12 hours, the Attorney General’s Office arbitrarily suspended the mayor of Medellín, elected by the popular will, without even hearing him in defense. It is not our position that is at stake, it is the rule of law that is at stake”, assured.

Then, an hour later, he maintained: “Change has enemies as enemies have democracy.”

Around 9:30 am, a spear was drawn against Duque and Cabello, accusing them of trying to “destabilize” the country.

“The suspension of the mayor of Medellín by former minister Duque, two weeks before the presidential elections, without any type of legal process and exceeding her powers, It can only be understood as a plan to destabilize the country and justify a coup.” Held.

At noon, the mayor reiterated that he was not notified of the “illegal” suspension: “If Uribe is eager to appoint mayor, let him be popularly elected.”

Quintero also amplified the Colombian Association of Capital Cities, questioning the measure imposed by the Attorney General’s Office.

“Asocapitales rejects the unconstitutional action of the Attorney General’s Office against us and registers with bewilderment that in order to justify themselves they resort to the subjective concept of ‘collective imagination’, for which there is no reference in Colombian jurisprudence or legislation,” he said.

Sergio Fajardo, presidential candidate, also supported Quintero, questioning the actions of the control agencies in Colombia.

“I think that the management of the city is associated with the world of corruption, but the action of the Attorney General’s Office has to be for everyone simultaneously,” Fajardo said.

He argued that the Government “co-opted” the control agencies: “It manages the Prosecutor’s Office and the Comptroller’s Office. Here it is evident that for their enemies they are very fast and for their friends they do not move”.

He assured that he knows this first hand. It should be remembered that the Comptroller’s Office declared Fajardo fiscally responsible for the patrimonial damage of Hidroituango, which was repaired by the payment of the insurers, and the Prosecutor’s Office is filing a case against him for alleged irregularities in the execution of a debt substitution contract. .

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